Types of Pigmentation – wound scarring

Wound scarring takes place especially when a wound is healing, this can lead to non-uniform skin pigmentation. The would often heals up by the formation of some fibrous tissues referred to as scars, some scars could be highly disfiguring and such types of scars include; Hypertrophied scars, kyloids, and widened scars. These are the kinds of wounds which heal so fast above the surface of the skin. Scar tissues are the natural body responses to injuries and they are formed only by the body in response to a damaged soft tissues. They vary in colour, severity, form , size and duration. Wound scarring will also vary depending on the kind of wound that healing, age of the individual, race, medication and after care techniques.

Wound scars are made up of body proteins also known as Collagen fibers, it is this that can cause uneven pigmentation.  The structure of such scars may become disorganized and there can be different forms of wound scars and most wound scars could be flat or pale. The most disfiguring types of wound scars are often classified into  two which are; Kyloid and Hypertrophic scars. Hypertrophic scars are those that often appear as pink or red scars and they are usually raised. Kyloid scars often come with benign tissues and they are always raised and become discoloured.

There are several ways by which Wound scarring can be treated and these include; Tropical treatments, massage therapies, and medical surgeries and therapies.  There are several tropical treatments for wound scarring problems they could be natural home remedies or prescription tropical medications.  Common home remedies such as Vitamin E and Cocoa butter offer little positive effect on wound scarring treatment. Some of the common prescription medications for the treatment of wound scarring are; Silicon pads and mederma. Silicon pads are potent over-the-counter wound scarring medications which works by gradually softening the raised scars on the skin,  it can reduce the appearance of raised scars if it is applied at the right amount of pressure on the affected skin area.

Mederma is a relatively new over-the-counter prescription for wound scarring which has proven to be highly effective over the years. It is a gel like coating which can soften the appearance of wound scars and fade them over time.

Massage therapies are applied to wound scarring especially keeping in mind that scars often adhere to the tissues underlying the skin. The two main types of massage techniques applied on wound scarring include Petrisage and Cross-fiber massage technique.  Both of these can have a positive effect on uneven pigmentation.

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