Home Remedy For Pigmentation

There is a strong link between pigmentation and old age. There is also a strong link between the skin condition and exposure to sunlight. As you expose your skin to the sun, the effect of the sunlight on you starts giving your skin a rather tainted look.  Aged individuals have low immunity and this makes it possible for the sun to penetrate more into their skin. When this happens, the sun will bring about a mutation of the melanocytes. This mutation causes the reduction in the production of the melanin.  The little melanin produced by the cells will spread unevenly on your skin. This is sure to lead to the condition known as pigmentation on the skin. Pigmentation can come up on just any part of the skin.

Any negative effect?

Pigmentation is mostly known to be associated with old age, but it had also been discovered that it can come up on those who are younger. Anyone having the skin condition can decide to leave it on the skin; since pigmentation does not in anyway lead to skin cancer. But some individuals may want to get rid of the pigmentation for cosmetics reasons. This write up will look into a very effective method that can be used to rid your skin of this condition. You can even carry out the described method right at home.

Topical creams

The use of topical cream can be very helpful against pigmentation, all you need to do is to simply buy any of the topical creams over the counter and you can apply it to the skin condition to get it removed. The topical creams are made using lightening agents. The lightening agent in the cream will help to lighten the pigmentation and restore your skin back to its normal color.

In most cases, the lightening agent in the creams is hydroquinone. This lightening agent is one of the most useful bleaching agents. While it is helpful to return your skin to normal, hydroquinone can also have its own negative impact on your skin. This can only happen if the concentration of hydroquinone in the cream is more than the normal amount.


Before you buy any of the lightening creams for dealing with your pigmentation, make sure that the concentration of hydroquinone is not more than 15%. Anything more than this can lead to some contrary outcomes on your skin at the end of the day.



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