Marks Of Pregnancy (Melasma) On Various parts of the Body

Mask of pregnancy (melasma) or pregnancy stretch marks cannot be removed , they can only be covered up to a large extent especially by wearing make-ups , even make-ups used in this regard must be be those that will not harm the health of both the mother and the child. Make-ups and cover ups are inexpensive and can be found in supermarkets and cosmetic stores. There are several types of make ups/ cover-ups that can be used in hiding pregnancy related stretch-marks and melasma . These include; Concealers, Bronzing powders, Bronzing creams, and tattoos.

It will be ideal to make use of concealers which will match the tone of your skin. Darker shades will only reveal more uneven tones, hence find a concealer that will match your skin tone before applying it on the masks. If you want to conceal only the stretch marks then you must ensure that you apply the concealers only on the lines, and some of the best concealers for pregnancy marks can hide the mask lines for about 12 hours or even more.

Bronzing powder and bronzing creams are often applied on pregnant women who have dry skins. Bronzing powder is often applied with the help of cocoa butter lotion which is often applied at the base to act as an adhesive alongside the Bronzing powder. A brusher is used in applying the bronzing powder and several layers can be applied until the marks are fully concealed. Bronzing cream can be gently massaged unto the marks alternatively. The creams are gentle on the skin and they do not harm  both the skin and the growing baby.

Tattoos can be used in place of creams and powders for concealing marks of pregnancy. Aside the fact that such tattoos are ideal for covering up pregnancy marks, they also offer some aesthetic appearances on the skin. You can be fashionable with you tattoos by drawing the name you expect to give your baby or use some lovely tattoo pictures. Pregnancy mask tattoos can be permanent or temporary in nature and each can be very effective in covering up pregnancy marks to a very large extent.

Temporary tattoos are inexpensive and you can periodically change them from one design to the other. Permanent tattoos might be a little expensive and you cannot change them , but they offer the same value in protecting melasma marks from your body.

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