Sun Damaged Skin:

How is it possible to treat sun damaged skin naturally?

The exposure of sun can be so harmful for you skin and make your skin less attractive. In other words we can say that it is just like cooking process in which you skin can be cooked when ultra violet directly react on your skin and make your skin tan or the color of outer layer can become darker. The color of your skin will convert into red because of extreme sun exposure or may also become blister. Your damaged skin problem can be alleviated that has been caused by the sun damage by the proper treatment. The treatment can also soothe your pain. The damaged skin from exposure of sun can be treated by following the simple steps.

Step 1: The aloe Vera gel that is produced by the aloe Vera plant, a plant that contain lot of juice and tasting good and connected with the desert climate. The gel present inside of the plant has very calming and positive effect on the skin. It can soothe all kind of skin irritation, severe rashes, and the burns. The gel can directly apply to the skin right after breaking off stalk from this plant, squeeze the stalk to get the gel inside it without passing it from any procedure and than apply on the burned areas of your skin. Aloe vera gel is also available in the stores of natural food and some other super markets. So, there is nothing difficult to get it.

Step 2: Damaged skin and sun burns can become so pain full for you. The continuous feeling of dull pain caused by burning not only interrupts during your sleeping hours but also effect on routine work. The Stony Brook University Medical centre has proved that the painful hours can be prolonged up to for two days and your suffering can only be alleviated by some medication such as ibuprofen. You can also have some low grade temperature because of sun damage and sunburns. There will be need to take some inflammatory medication for this fever but remember you must talk to your physician before taking any kind of new anti inflammatory medication.

Step3: In case of having serious sun damaged skin it will result in swelling on the skin surface that is filled with liquid that is also known as blistering occurs. The blisters on the skin surface can become torn and drain out with the help of clothing. The infection can easily spread on the whole area once the blister open. In this situation there is need to talk some professional or skin specialist for better cure to the damaged skin.

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