Skin Pigmentation

The majority of people have some form of skin pigmentation or a kind of birthmark. Here you can overview the list of most common problems that affect so many people. If you are also suffering of any one of these problems you should talk to some skin specialist or physicians who can diagnosis the actual problem and than treat it in a perfect way.


This abnormal kind of skin coloration can be noticed at the time of birth or with in few initial weeks after birth. So many different kind of birth marks are normally non- cancerous or not harmful for you but the marks mentioned below can create many health risks.

Pigmented Birthmarks

The appearance of these marks seems to be completely flat and even. We can call these spots by several names such as Nevus of Ota that appears in bluish color on the skin of face. The other is Mongolian spots that are also blue in color. The spots having light brown color are known as café-au-lait spots and last but not the least typical moles that are also known as nevi.

Macular Stains

The appearance of these marks is usually mild red in color. But their status is not elevated. The most common type of the vascular birth mark is macular stains. It appears usually in two forms. The one is angel kisses that can easily be noticeable on the forehead and the eyelids and the second one is Stork bites that appear on the back side of neck.


This mark appears in a very small size on the facial skin. Howsoever in few children the size of hemangiomas can become large and rapidly growing in the early tears of life. Hemangiomas are basically of two types. One is Strawberry hemangiomas. It can appear on any area of your body. The second one is cavernous hemangiomas that are deeper kind of birth marks. There is different kind of treatments available to treat the hemangiomas. They can also be treated by the laser. The removal of hemangiomas can also be done with surgery.

Port Wine Stains

The development of blood vessels abnormally causes the Port wine stains. The appearance of Port wine stain is completely flat and even and are in ink, red and purple in color. They may appear on the face trunk and arms. Physicians are trying to use Different ways for its treatment such as Radiation, Tattooing, and freezing, dermabrasion and now laser therapy.

Skin Pigmentation Disorders

Albinism This is inherited kind of disorder. The absence of the melanin pigment causes albinism. It cannot be treated.

Melasma Melasma are basically the tan or brown patches that appears on the forehead upper lips nose cheeks and the chin. The use of birth control pills also causes Melasma. If you are suffering from this problem you can consult to some dermatologist for better cure.