Skin Pigmentation Problems

Skin pigmentation is a skin disorder which may be as a result of either the body produces too much or too little melanin. Too much melanin causes skin pigmentation. Other factors causing this problem include hormonal changes, genetic factors and medication. A number of pregnant women may suffer from skin pigmentation as a result of hormonal factors and sun exposure.

 Should you realize that you are suffering from any type of skin disorder, it is important to visit a doctor for diagnosis.

The most common skin pigmentation problems are: birthmarks, pigmented birthmarks, macular strains, hemangioma and port-wine stains.


This is a skin disorder, which usually appear at birth or just a few weeks after birth. It’s important to remember that most birthmarks are non-cancerous, though a doctor should examine your child if he or she is born with abnormally colored skin or develops birthmarks. The following birthmarks can pose a health hazard.

Pigmented birthmarks

Under this condition, the skins appear to be smooth and flat. In other terms this marks are also called Mongolian sports. It is also important to note that these marks typically appear on the buttocks as light brown marks and typical moles which are also known as nevi. This moles need to be monitored for bleeding, color, shape or size change.

Macular stains.

These are mild red marks that appear anywhere on the skin. These marks can appear in two forms and they are the most common type of vascular birthmarks. The first form is known as angel’s kisses and it usually appear on the forehead and eyelids and disappears at early childhood. Stork bites is another form. This appears on the back of your neck and can last onto adult years. Treatment of these marks is not necessary as they are frequently mild.

Port-wine stains

This condition is caused by abnormal development of blood vessels and can last for the entire lifetime of an individual. This skin abnormality appears as a flat, pick, purple marks and it appears on the face, trunks, arms and legs.



This is caused by tiny vessels which are bunched together and they vary in severity. Hemangioma develops rapidly through the fast year of a child’s birth. There are two types of hemangiomas: strawberry hemangiomas, which are slightly raised, red birthmarks and can appear anywhere, on the body; or cavernous hemangiomas, which are a deeper birthmark characterized by a bluish color.


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