Pigmentation On The Face

Pigmentation is the appearance of dark brown spots on the face.  It is not associated with age as most people think or believe.  It is caused by the inability of the skin cells to manufacture proteins.  Substances like collagen and hylauronic acids are specially fashioned to make the skin texture smooth and dazzling. To correct pigmentation problems on the face, the skin cells will have to be put back in order. This is to enable it to inhibit the production of excess melanin which is responsible for the dark brown areas noticed on the face.

People who are affected with pigmentation on their faces should consult skin doctors who will be able to prescribe the appropriate medication suitable for removing it.  There are different ways of removing pigmentation on the face.

Alpha Hydroxy acid is good for brightening pigmentation on the skin and it should be used in conjunction with order products. There are Alpha hydroxy acids that can be used alone or together with other acids to achieve better result. Two of the acids are glycolic and tretinoin acids.  Using alpha hydroxyl acids removes the surface of the skin affected by pigmentation and provides proper access for the product to go into the skin.  It also brings healing actions to the inner layers of the skin, which can enhance the renewal of the cells affected.

Another acid that can be used is azelaic acid.  It is found in wheat and barley. It is one of the chemicals used in the production of creams used in treating pigmentation. It is very effective for treating skin discoloration problems. It does not have side effects like other types of acids used for removing pigmentation from the face.

Laser technology method is also another effective way of removing pigmentation from the face. The only problem with the method is that it has dangerous side effects.  It works by focusing laser lights into the skin epidermis moving the skin color to the top and then removes the topmost layer of the skin together with the pigment. Through this method, the skin becomes vulnerable to things like sun rays, contamination and harmful bacteria.

There are also some home remedy products that can be effective in removing pigmentation on the face.  Lime juice and aloe vera can be applied on the face morning and evening.  The two should be applied separately.  They remove pigmentation and also make the face skin bright by blending the skin color together with the rest of the face.  Applying home remedies on the face may not generate immediate result, but it is a cheap and safe method with no side effects whatsoever.


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