Liver spots are the most common pigmentation problem of people reaching at the age of 40 to 50 years old. Actually, the hyper pigmentation is going to start to appear on the skin. Mostly, this dark spots can be seen on the shoulder and arms. In addition to that, this spots can also be seen on the face especially on the cheekbone and eyebrow area that are mostly exposed to the sun. Moreover, this hyper pigmentation has different terms such as solar lentigines, age spots or liver spots. But somehow, this all terms are the same symptoms and indications. Actually, the solar lentigo is a medical term for age spot.

It is a hyper pigmentation occurring on the skin or on the epidermis. Usually, this pigmentation is building up on the skin and may appear in later years of adulthood. Aside from that, this age spot is also known as seborrhoeic keratoses. Mostly, this irregular spots will appear in brown cluster and genetically pass on to new generation. In addition to that, this pigmentation may appear also to people especially if there is not watching there diet. Sometimes, this dark spots are neglected and left behind. Moreover, the food you take can impart a big share to the skin. In fact, there is a chemical substance which is called as psoralens that is present in the food which is causing the hyper pigmentation.

Actually, this kind of substance will accumulate in our system. And, the prolong exposure under the sun then the more sensitive the skin become. Especially, the skin comes in contact with the perfumes and other alcohol content. Other than that, the free radicals and pre oxidation of fats are also the factors which causing the formation of dark spots. In fact, the pre oxidation of fats is taking place on the cell instead of in the liver. Somehow, the dermatologist are advising there patients not to eat foods that are high in rancid fats.  In some other aspects, pregnant women are also prone to this hyper pigmentation because they are taking hormone replacement but this dark spots will disappeared after they gave birth.

Hyper pigmentation is harmless if not too much expose to chemicals and sunlight that worsen this condition. In some way, this condition can be prevented by using sunscreen lotion and wearing clothes that can protect you from exposing your flesh. Eventually, this may help you from having liver spots in your forehead, hand and nose bridge.

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