Age Spots | How To Protect Your Children

Those tiny speckles on skin are sometimes mistakenly called age spots. However, these spots have really nothing to do with age. Too much production of melanin on the skin is the root cause of this. Since our skin is exposed to the sun, it is melanin which defends it from the sun’s harmful rays. But having dark spots as a child could be cute or annoying, and of course parents are concerned about this.

There could be many reasons why one has freckles. Heredity is a cause. If age spots occur in the family, then you are susceptible. Age spots are commonly inherent with people with fair skin. Age spots can also be due to one’s lifestyle.

Since children enjoy playing under the sun even if it is at its hottest, a concerned parent will find it hard to prevent his or her child to get age spots. One thing that can be done about this is letting the children have fun inside or an area where it is shaded from the sun.

Children could find it problematic to use umbrellas when striding under the sun. Using an umbrella is recommended for your kids to defend them from the harmful rays of the sun.

However, if your child doesn’t want to do all of that, then using a sunscreen or sunblock might work. Before applying a sunscreen, take a look at it’s sun protection factor first. Higher SPF protects better.

observe the diet of your child because it could have an effect on his or her skin. Provide your child with healthy foods and put away junk foods.   Basically, eating fruits and vegetables can give one healthy skin.

If the age spot problem is already there, then refer your child to a dermatologist. Consulting a dermatologist is important if your child already has age spots. If you want, you may ask the dermatologist to take care of your child’s freackles. {You may ask the dermatologist to recommend a medication for your child.} There are many treatments available for this age spots. It could be creams, lotions and some types of surgery.

If you don’t want to go through all of that, then try to follow the tips that have been mentioned earlier. As we all know, prevention is better than cure.

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