How to treat skin pigmentation

All living things even if they are vertebrates of simple kind or human beings of complex kind have different colors and size and patterns that makes them different from each other. Pigmentation is commonly inheritable being controlled by three important factors, genetic, environmental and endocrine. Pigmentation is modulated by the melanin distribution and its amount in your skin hair and the eyes. Additionally Melanin helps to protect your skin against the ultra violet rays and to make an important system to defend the skin of human being from all the damaging factors. Face is said to be the biggest organ of your body and different kind of internal and external factors first effect on it.

This review mainly focus to give you the update about the physiological and biological factors that are seems to be supportive for the pigmentation Some endocrine factors may also are under consideration that influence on  the changes that may be temporary or permanent in the color of skin

If your body is producing melanin in a very high or low amount it will result in skin pigmentation. Moreover the pigmentation of skin also creates the skin tone in darker or lighter color. There is also a possibility of uneven or skin.

Skin pigmentation is caused by;

Conditions having Auto Immune.

Reaction of the drugs

Some hormonal changes

Sun damages

Medications and some genetic factors

The most important cause for the pigmentation problem of skin is sun damages. Few other factors are also included to increase the skin pigmentation such as the hormonal therapy, use for pills to control birth, and child birth. Majority of people have to face skin pigmentation because of the production of local increased skin pigment. After the local skin damage it may appear in the form of Age spot, liver spots and moles.

How the pigmented skin can be cured?

Pigmented skin can be treated through these different ways.

Vitamins: Hyper pigmentation can be cause by the deficiency of Vitamins A,E and B, minerals and calcium You must take sufficient amount of multivitamin it may be helpful to make less pigmentation.

Laser treatment: The uneven skin pigmentation is burn off by the Laser treatment. Skin pigmentation can also be removed by the treatment of Complimentary.

Different types of peels: The chemical peel that is made by combining two acids Glycolic with tri-chloro is helpful to reduce skin pigmentation. The other is spot peel that is used to prevent skin pigmentation. You will be able to create a different look of skin by using these chemical on particular area.