The Problems Of Chemical Face Peels

A chemical peel is a technique that is characterized by the use of mixture of chemicals that creates gel-like consistency. This kind of dermatological technique is for diminishing dead skin cells from the skin so that there will no longer be fine lines and blemishes, lightening of the dark spots of the skin, getting rid of circles around the eyes, diminishing of puffiness, as well as skin tightening and skin smoothening.

There are different chemicals that are used on the skin during a chemical peel treatment. These chemicals are usually derived from vinegar, sugar cane, and certain fruits. It is advised by skin experts to undergo three chemical treatments in one month intervals to maximize its potency.

Considering the type of the skin, skin color, and condition that requires treatment, the three main type of chemical peels are distinguished accordingly. The three main types of chemical peels are superficial peels, medium peels, and deep peels.

Superficial chemical face peels are the mildest among all types of chemical peels. Besides ice solid carbon dioxide, dilute acid and glycolic acid are often used.

On one hand, medium chemical face peels go through the skin more deeply compared to superficial chemical face peels. Second degree burn is usually evident on the skin because of this treatment. Trichloroacetic acid is the chief agent of this, but other agents may also be utilized before using the main agent.

Lastly, deep chemical face peels go through many layers of the skin causing a second degree burn. These are the most handy type used on bleaching darker skin and mostly used on the face.

This kind of treatment is also connected to different issues although there are given good effects. Always take note that the deep chemical face peels must only be for the worst kinds of skin diseases.

Just like with any treatment, there are also certain problems that may be encountered when chemical face peels are utilized. It is normal especially with medium chemical face peels and deep chemical face peels that there is evident peeling of the surface of the skin. The skin may be reddish due to the peeling sensation that can be typically experience when one undergoes chemical peels. There is an obvious stinging sensation during the initial application but this is bearable. Although temporary, numbness can be felt apart from having crusting of the skin.

One more thing that patients of chemical face peels may consider as problem is their staying away from the sun because of their sensitive skin. Finally, the price may also be a problem for those who cannot pay the cost that it will take them for chemical face peel treatment necessary for their skin condition.