Removing Facial Pigmentation With Home Remedies

Facial pigmentation can occur through a number of ways and most predominant are the effects of UV rays from the sun. Pimples, freckles, blemishes & pigmentation all make the face look awful and there is no safer way to remove such except through natural and bio-organic methods.  Lemon juice is the top natural facial pigmentation removal therapy used. It contains a high content of acidic agents which can gently exfoliate and naturally bleach blemishes and pigmentation from the surface of the skin. As the affected skin layer fades, new skin layer is revealed.

Over-the-counter exfoliators are non abrasive commercial cleansing exfoliators, which contains natural ingredients that can penetrate the skin and clear up skin blemishes without causing harm to the skin. Just dip a sponge in the exfoliator and rub against your face in a circular motion before applying the exfoliating mask. You can repeat this several times a week to achieve the best possible result.  Raw potassium is another natural home remedy for removing facial pigmentation or discolouration. Potatoes contain lots of ingredients including sulphur, potassium and phosphorous and potatoes are ideal in removing small blemishes and pigmentation from the face.

An oatmeal mixture is an ideal way of lightening your skin and removing pigmentation. The Oatmeal can be mixed with chord and tomato juice. Apply this mixture for 20 minutes everyday and rinse off with cold water to achieve the best possible result. Mint leaves made into paste can also be used to remove facial pigmentation and not only for pimples and acne. Mint leaf paste stimulates blood circulation and possess the ability to restore dry and sensitive skin.

Gram flour mixture is another home remedy for facial pigmentation and discolouration. To a table spoon of gram flour, add 2 teaspoon of milk and drops of viola mixture and make into paste. Apply this mixture several weeks to achieve the best result. A mixture of onion juice with honey can also be used to remove facial pigmentation. Just add few drops of honey to the onion juice and apply twice daily to achieve the best possible result. A mixture of equal content of alum and black pepper can also be used in treating a number of skin infections like acne and pimples. It can also be used in removing pigmentation on the face.

You need to apply some precautions especially when using these formulations especially in protecting yourself from extreme sunlight exposure and other unhealthy acts.

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