Pigmentation Beauty Secrets

Pigmentation is a disorder that causes the skin to appear blotchy and discoloured or lighter or darker than normal. This can occur when the body produces either too much or too little melanin. Melanin is a natural pigment that produces hair, skin and eye colour – it is nature’s way of protecting the body from ultraviolet light. The most common form of pigmentation is hyper-pigmentation, where the body produces too much melanin, causing the skin to become darker than usual and therefore uneven in tone. Pigmentation is most commonly caused by skin damage. One of the best beauty secrets for overcome problem pigmentation is to wear sunscreen every day all year round. Dermatologists recommend the use of broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF30+ sunscreen. Reapply sunscreen regularly and wear clothing that protects your face, arms and legs when you are out in the sun. Do not use tanning beds as they are harmful for your skin and will do similar damage to natural sun exposure. For a quick cover up of skin pigmentation problems, apply self-tanning lotion to the affected area. Self-tanning lotions made specifically for the facial area are available as well as lotions made for the body. Use the tanning lotion as instructed on the packaging. The tan should give your skin a more even complexion and it will also negate the need to use a harmful tanning bed. Lightening creams that contain chemicals such as hydroquinone, alpha-hydroxy acids and tretinon are not safe to use. They will not result in more beautiful skin but can in fact lead to hypo-pigmentation – whitening of the skin. Hydroquinone has been banned in some countries for this reason. For a safe, natural skin-lightening product, you could try Rejuvene Skin Lightening Cream, which contains liquorice extract. Studies have shown liquorice extract to be an effective skin lightener as well as being anti-inflammatory.


For very natural treatment of your pigmentation problems, try one of these natural beauty secrets. Use a gentle scrub to exfoliate your skin. Ground and polished apricot kernels, sugar, baking soda, salt or ground peanuts can be beneficial exfoliates. Ensure that you don’t irritate the skin. Try combining an exfoliation product with products that contain natural soy. Soy can work to improve skin discoloration and uneven skin tone and is scientifically proven to even skin tone and texture. Another beauty secret for pigmentation is to burst vitamin E gel caplets and apply daily to the affected area of skin. Finally, this beauty secret will improve the pigmentation on your face and is cheap and easy. Mix lemon juice and cucumber juice and apply it to your skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes and it will brighten your complexion.


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