How To Enjoy The Holidays And Simultaneously Thwart The Development Of Age Spots

Are you afraid of having those unsightly dark spots on your skin? Does imagining yourself in front of the mirror while using a concealer to cover up those age spots cause you distress? Are you anxious of spending no less than a thousand merely to remove those blemishes just in case you have them when you reach the age of forty? Or are you afraid of even the most minor complications these treatments for age spots might cause? If all your answers are affirmative, protect your skin beginning now!

How then do you defend your skin? This is done, generally, by suppressing the dangers of the sun. Make sure your skin is adequately guarded from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. But if it is summer and you cannot hinder yourself from going out under the sun, how can you keep your skin defended? Should you just wait for the sunset before you dip into the waters or before you put that lovely swimsuit into good use? Or should you just not swim in the first place? Of course, you should swim! You just have to follow some of these basic instructions.

Since you are going for a get-away, you have to prepare all the things that you will need. Be it a swimming at a beach, hiking the mountains or just plain enjoying the summer weather at any location, you must never forget to include a sunscreen in your to-buy list. Make sure to read the label when buying sunscreens. Make sure titanium dioxide is listed as one of its contents. This is proof that this sunscreen is a broad-spectrum sunscreen which reflects both UVA and UVB rays. Lastly, ensure that it has a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least fifteen.

Now, before exposing yourself to the sun, do not fail to remember to apply the sunscreen onto every part of your body, most especially the face. You should allow twenty minutes to half an hour to go by before you expose your newly-applied-with-sunscreen-skin to the sun. But this is not a constant duration for the instructions on the sunscreens’ labels might vary. You also have to reapply once in a while depending still on the instructions printed on the label. Most sunscreens are reapplied after one or two hours have went by. Though you should not let the sun to be completely out of the skies, it is still better to expose your skin in the late afternoon. Between ten in the morning and three in the afternoon, the sun’s harmful rays are at their most damaging state. You should therefore outdare the sunny weather before ten in the morning or once it is past three in the afternoon. If your holiday vacation involves other activities but swimming, you should wear clothing that can cover almost everything, if not all parts of your body.

If there is no other way but to enjoy under the sun, always keep the previously mentioned reminders into mind. And even if you would just be loitering inside your house, use a sunscreen but with a sun protection factor of at least five to ten. This way, you can help prevent the development of age spots in your skin.