How the Skin Pigmentation works

Our face skin pigmentation is basically the first receiver that catches any kind of effects because of having very thin kind of upper layer. The impacts of pigmentation are very big in the way the other people can easily notice and we ourselves as well. The face is the most visible part of our body and people can initially notice the skin tone and complexion of the face

The skin takes it’s primarily color through the melanin, and the melanocyte cells present in the skin produce this pigment. If your skin contain more melanin the color will become darker same like the concentration of the pigment at high level results in freckles and the beauty marks at different areas.

The other essential function of melanin is to give protection to the skin against the damaging ultra violet rays. Sun exposure may cause the most deadly disease for skin named as Melanoma and the few other.

The Anatomy of Skin Pigmentation:

Skin is the wonderful organ that usually works as to cover your whole body. It also has the capability to regenerate. The other important function of skin is to regulate the temperature. This is a fact that the depth of skin at different parts or areas is different. Such as, we have the thinnest kind of skin for the eyelids while the thickest skin areas we possess are feet soles and the hand palms.

Pigmentation lives in the outer layer of the skin that is also known as the epidermis. Three sub- layers are used to make the epidermis. The pigmentations have not an easy access to the dermis that is the centre skin layer. When your epidermis does react against the ultra violet sun rays it will result to make you tan. This is true that the natural protection process by the body is not sufficient to keep you save from the damages caused by the UV sun rays.

Disorders of skin Pigmentation:

Albinism: This disorder is of inherited kind that is actually caused by the pigment melanin absence. Albinism cannot be treated.

Melasma: The most noticeable feature of Melasma that is also known as Chloasma is the brown color patches on the forehead, upper lips, nose and chin. The woman who takes birth control pills may also have Melasma. You also talk to some dermatologist or skin specialist for its treatment.

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Skin Pigmentation

Skin Pigmentation