Freckles on the Hand

Freckles which appear on the hand are quite easier to treat than freckles on the chest or face. They are characterized by some little round dark spots which often appear independently on in clusters . Freckles on the hand can probably come from the excessive exposure of the body to sunlight or some hereditary factors.  There are several masks which can be used in over-shadowing freckles that appear on the hand , however such protective masks will only shield the skin from being embarrassed by the presence of freckles, they however cannot cure the infections. Freckles mask can be applied for between 5-10 minutes daily for a few months.

Freckles on the hand often get worse especially due to the fact that the hand is always active , and any form of itching or can lead to the spread of the freckles all around the hand and on surrounding parts of the skin.  Some of the best facial masks which you can use in masking off freckles on your hand include; red currants, strawberry, apricots, cucumbers, and warm honey among several others.

Aside the use of common facial masks, there are several other natural ingredients that can be used in treating freckles on the hand. You can rub one or a mixture of the following on the freckles on your hand for several minutes everyday. These natural ingredients include; sliced onions, ground yellow mustard and a mixture of ground sesame street with some turmeric, and then wash the affected or treated areas of your hand with some organic bleaches such as lemon juice, sour milk, odourless castor oil, buttermilk or horseradish juice because such treatment substances are natural bleaches which must be removed as quickly as possible on the skin.

You need to ensure that you keep your skin nourished with essential Vitamins including Vitamins A, E, and C, will ensure that your skin continues to revive itself naturally while you are treating your affected skin. Freckles on the hand can be easily treated by natural means, and this is because the skin around this region is hard and protects itself much better than the skin on the face and the chest. The hand however is one of the most exposed areas of the body, hence it is highly prone to freckles and some other forms of skin infections. Regularly exfoliating the body including the hand can help prevent freckles.