Are Pigmentation Problems Dangerous?

Pigmentation is simply colouring. Skin pigmentation problems are therefore problems of the skin concerning colour. This is the result of an infection of the cells that produce melanin. The cells are destroyed and this affects production of melanin. Melanin is responsible for skin color and if its production is affected, then there will be a problem in skin colour. Melanin is very important in shielding the body against the sun’s harmful UV light. People with dark skin have more melanin than people with light skin. When pigmentation problems affect the skin, melanin can either be under produced or overproduced but it is overproduced in most conditions. When the melanin is less, the skin will have light patches and dark patches will develop when it is overproduced. This means that you will have an uneven skin tone.

There are several causes for pigmentation problems. They are inherited. If you have a family history of pigmentation problems, then you are at risk of getting them as your chances are increased. These skin problems are also caused by excessive use of some cosmetics. These cosmetics destroy the skin exposing it to pigmentation problems. Jaundice also leads to this skin condition. Jaundice is the yellowing of skin and in this case, melanin is under produced.  Improper diet is also a cause of skin pigmentation problems. Lack of certain vitamins in the diet can lead to skin pigmentation problems. Vitamins A, E and B complex are very necessary for the development of healthy skin. They help in growth of new cells and repair of old ones.

Skin pigmentation problems are of different types. Some are age spots, liver spots and freckles. They are not cancerous and this means that they pose no health risk. The only problem that comes with skin pigmentation problems is that they make you feel unattractive. The dark spots give the skin a bad look and an uneven skin tone. Treatment for skin pigmentation problems is never necessary as it is a harmless skin disorder.

Lasers are used to treat skin pigmentation problems. They are very popular as they are effective and fast. However, laser treatments are very costly. Creams and bleaching agents can also be used to treat skin pigmentation problems. Lemon juice, apple cider and vinegar are used too.

Finally, skin pigmentation problems are very harmless and there is no reason for panic once you realize that you have the skin condition.


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